Changing Pace

It is an irony of our modern lives that while technology is continually invented that saves us time, we use that time to do more and more things, and so our lives are more fast-paced and hectic than ever!

Life moves at such a fast pace and that makes it even more important to slow down sometimes.

Christmas parties, school concerts, Santa shopping, summer sports; just to name a few things that seem to put life into overdrive towards the end of the year!  Now that the rush is over and the the pace has changed, the boys and I have enjoyed some time out from our everyday routines.

Sunset in Akaroa January 2018

Spending time with the kids over the school holidays means more relaxed and flexible training.  It’s a great opportunity for family bike rides, swimming at the beach and exercising at the parks.


Slowing the pace allows for some much needed recovery and the opportunity to recharge.  Part of recharging is also knowing where i’m at with my nutrients and I often use this time to visit my doctor for a routine blood test.  I am a firm believer of keeping tabs on what is happening inside the body at a molecular level because I know first hand how this can provide so many answers in regards to the way our body is performing.

I had been maintaining my iron levels with regular supplementation but my zinc levels were low despite supplementation so I mentioned this to my doctor.  He politely asked if I had even been tested for Coeliac Disease? This was not something I had ever considered and therefore replied that I had never been tested.  He decided to include a coeliac antibody test as part of my routine bloods and a day later, to my surprise, he phoned me to say that I had tested positive!   Confirmation via biopsy was required.

I had my biopsy just before Christmas and it revealed classic Coeliac Disease in my small intestine plus a bacterial infection with H.Pylori.  Wow!  I had been feeling a little tired but wasn’t expecting this.  I am super grateful that my doctor ordered the correct tests for me.  Knowledge is power and after receiving antibiotics to deal with the bacterial infection and completely removing gluten for the past few weeks, I am starting to notice a difference!

I know I still have a lot of work to do in healing my small intestine but i’m looking forward embarking on a journey and sharing my learning for those that are interested.

For now however,  just enjoy a change of pace; whether that is speeding it up or slowing things down.  Oh, and if you haven’t been for a routine blood test for a while…. what are you waiting for!? #KnowledgeIsPower#






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