Uniquely You

Have you ever been told to “Listen to your body”?

Many of us will often hear this but what does it actually mean and are we really listening!?

All of us are unique and what works well for someone else may not work out well for you.

Over the years, I’ve come to realise that acquiring knowledge is easy, but to acquire wisdom requires observation and the engagement of our senses.

If we truly listen to our body, we have the ability to unlock and maximise our potential.

Taking note of what works for you is really important. Don’t compare yourself to others; merely observe what others do. Decide on the bits that you believe are right for you and try them out for yourself!

In essence; Observe, Experiment, Learn and Grow.

For many years, even though I was told to listen to my body, I don’t really think I did.  Repeated injury and eventual surgery resulted in much frustration. It got to the point where every time I ran, I was in pain.  I no longer enjoyed it.

I realised that it was time to change my focus and for my husband and I, it was the right time to start a family.

I stopped running completely during each of my pregnancies.  An early miscarriage with a first pregnancy meant I didn’t want to put any additional stress on my body.

Once we had children, I had a slightly different perspective on things. A perspective where if I didn’t look after myself, I couldn’t look after anyone else. So, I started listening to my body. Actually listening.

I noted how I was feeling, prioritized what was important, planned what I could, but most of all, I realised and acknowledged my limits.

I also began to run again, simply because I enjoyed it!

On my journey back to running, these are some of the things I observed and noted:

– Too much running didn’t improve my performance, but a combination of cross-training and running worked best!

– Everyday 5am starts (to exercise) were too much for me, but I could manage 2-4 mornings of 5am starts each week.

– Orthotics didn’t help my feet, but a slightly modified inner sole in my running shoe worked just perfectly!

– I eat well, but I actually need more nutrients than I was able to get from my food to stay healthy. Supplementation is a must for me.

– Recovery is when “the magic” happens. If in doubt, I give myself more recovery, not less.

– My desire to train hard and my ability to cope with training hard are two different things!

– Strength training at least twice a week is essential for me to remain injury free.

– I’m yet to find a racing shoe that really suits my feet, so i’m still working on that one!

My challenge to you on your journey is to find what works for you!

My blog is aimed at giving you an insight of what works for me. From my posts; Observe, Experiment, Learn and Grow. Because you are Uniquely You!

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